LInklaters, Singapore – “Women in Linklaters – Empowering Through Entrepreneurship” (3rd October 2013)

Taylor’s University, Malaysia, “Asia Pacific Student Leaders Conference 2015”, (5th August 2015)

Curtin University, Sarawak – Borneo Youth Leadership Conference (1st September 2015)

British Chamber of Commerce, Singapore – “Female Entrepreneurship: Stumbling Blocks and Road to Success” – (4th September 2015)

Wharton Women in Business Conference – Social Impact Panel, Philadelphia (2 October 2015)

DoSomethingGood, Kuala Lumpur – “Growing Social Enterprise: Learnings from the United States and the Eisenhower Fellowship”(23rd December 2015)

Asli talk –(20th January 2016) Asean Microfinance

Boston Consulting Group, Kuala Lumpur – Women @ BCG Series (26th February 2016)

M&C Saatchi, Kuala Lumpur – “Dare to Innovate” Knowledge Reboot Series  (14th April 2016)

Rekanegara – “Social Innovation By Design” (30 July 2016)

ZAFIGO X Georgetown Festival, Penang – “Zafigo Talk: Intimate Conversations with Women on Travel and Culture”  (20 August 2016)

Khazanah Nasional Investments Retreat, Penang – “Entrepreneurship: From the Trenches” (18th October 2016)